Celeste and Jesse Forever

Let me start by stating the obvious. This movie, without a doubt, is a chick flick. Do I care? No. I am an equal opportunity movie viewer, no discrimination here. I enjoy chick flicks, animated films, dramas and even mindless action films alike. For the most part, if Hollywood will produce it, I will watch it.

That said, I enjoyed this movie. I hoped I would since I’m a fan of both lead actors. Andy Samberg has been about the only reason to watch Saturday Night Live over the past few years and is hilarious as part of Lonely Island. Also, Rashida Jones has been a part of two of my favorite TV shows, The Office and Parks and Recreation. For me to like a chick flick, the key is laughter. I definitely laughed.

Jones and Samberg play a couple that were best friends since high school, married, and recently divorced, but remain best friends. Those around them are constantly confronting them about how strange it is that they continue to be so close and spend so much time together. Awkwardness abounds and mistakes are made as Jesse begins to see another woman and their relationship is strained. I’m not huge on the mushy, emotional aspects, but there were enough jokes and quirks to keep me laughing. I found it absolutely hilarious that when Jesse was down, he would watch his recording of weightlifting from the Beijing Olympics and cry.

Not appropriate for kids because of the adult humor and language used throughout. I had fun watching this movie and that’s what it’s all about right? Not the best movie you’ll see, but far from the worst.

For me, it slides in right at 3 out of 5 Beach balls.

4 thoughts on “Celeste and Jesse Forever

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