End of Watch

David Ayer brings us this year’s action cop movie. Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena play LA cops that went through the academy together and became partners as well as best friends.  Gyllenhaal’s character is mentioned to be taking classes to pursue a law career and is carrying a camera around documenting his work for a class. His camera allows for a lot of shots where the actors are aware they’re on camera, which was pretty cool.

Pena and Gyllenhaal establish humor right from the beginning and continued it throughout.  They play practical jokes on other cops and have a lot of hilarious exchanges while riding around on their patrol. I was definitely surprised by how funny I thought this film was, Pena especially.

The plot heats up when the cowboy pair make a few busts connected to a Mexican cartel and a hit is put out on the pair. This might not be for those with weaker stomachs as it does get pretty graphic with some of the violence. I really enjoyed the way humor was riddled throughout, balancing the intensity and gruesomeness of a lot of the scenes.

This movie will make you laugh and then possibly make you cry (not me of course). Very good. I give it 4 of 5 Beach balls.

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