I tried to go into this movie with an open mind. I mean, come on, it’s about a man and his live teddy bear. This is a Seth MacFarlane film; you’re probably familiar with him as the creator of Family Guy. Mark Wahlberg is the human star and Mila Kunis, plays his longtime girlfriend. Their relationship becomes strained because of the partying and lack of responsibility of Wahlberg’s best friend, the teddy bear. That is basically the gist of the movie.

I actually enjoy Family Guy, so I expected that the similar type of humor would also entertain me. I was wrong. I think the fact it’s not a cartoon and there are humans telling the jokes made it different for me. I think I would have thought some of the same jokes were funny had it been animated. In a cartoon, everything already has that sense of ridiculousness and I don’t take it serious or equate it to the real world. With real people in real situations, some of the jokes kind of crossed the line for me and were almost insensitive. I only chuckled a few times throughout the movie and afterward my brother told me he couldn’t wait for it to be over after the first ten minutes.

Not my cup of tea so I will give it a 1 out of 5 Beach balls.


4 thoughts on “Ted

  1. As a fellow Hoosier, very disappointed in this review. First off, it should have received 2 beach balls for having Mila Kunis in the film (Very easy on the eyes). Secondly, everyone went into the film with low expectations and got a couple laughs. It was 20 minutes too long, but was pretty funny.

    Life in Fishers, IN, huge Braves fan, and got to Turner Field for the 1st time this year. Looking forward to Friday! Can’t wait!


    Vince N.

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